The College Information portal provides a series of tools to assist students in searching for the best collegiate institutions tailored to their academic aspirations. These features help students determine the schools that complement their interests and needs best through research into return on investment potential for chosen degrees at select institutions, special program opportunities per majors and areas of focus, information regarding preparatory and practice tests, standard entrance exams, as well as writing tips and tricks to pass written entrance exams in order to gain acceptance to the institutions of your choice. The College Information portal is an invaluable research tool for students to consult when deciding to embark on any academic trajectory at any institution of higher learning.


The College Board

The College Board allows you to search for a school by major, location, student activities, special programs, admissions requirements, and financial aid. This tool is useful for narrowing down your search to a few schools.


CollegeView College Search

This site offers search tools for colleges by specific criteria, or by college name. Additionally, it includes information on featured colleges, financial aid, and more.


The Kaplan Educational Centers’ College Zine

The Kaplan website provides a variety of links to colleges, advice on interviews, a broad assortment of standard entrance examinations, practice tests, courses, and admissions information.


Online Schools in U.S

Online Schools has mined more than 6,000 online-school catalogs to build a comprehensive database of learning options in the United States, with the data located all in one place for easy access and comparison.


Online U.S. News Colleges and Careers Center

This website is put together by the popular magazine U.S. News & World Report. Find out about college costs, national college ratings, and best return on investment for your money, and additional careers possibilities with this online resource.


Peterson’s College Search

Peterson’s College provides a search engine for college-based research and writing advice for submitting professionally crafted personal essays along with college admissions applications.